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Singapore Attractions for the Elderly


Travelling with grandparents take your holiday on an entirely different level. Usual tourist activities are not advisable as they might not enjoy it as much as you because of the influx of people. If you are travelling with elderly, it’s best to go to places where you’ll all spend a great time together.

Changi Museum. What better way to spend time with the grandparents than to revisit history at Changi Museum. Entirely dedicated to Singapore’s history during the world war II, the Changi Museum offers a vast collection of paintings from war heroes and former prisoners of war inside the Changi Prison during the Japanese occupation.

Kranji War memorial. Visiting a war memorial may seem dark, but the Kranji War Memorial commemorates the lives sacrificed by thousands of brave soldiers for the freedom of the nation. Taking your elderly here will surely give them nostalgia and give you a lesson on history as well.

Botanic Gardens. Take your grandparents to a energizing walk in a park – a very huge park that is – the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Honored as a UNESCO Heritage Site, the Singapore Botanic Gardens is a multi-awarded tropical garden with many different attractions inside.

Jurong Bird park. Nothing beats the calmness brought about by chirping birds amidst the breeze of the trees. Bring your elderly here and bond over wildlife.  You can even feed the birds, or observe them through a telescope or enjoy the interactive shows throughout.

National Gallery Singapore. For art lovers, head over to the National Gallery of Singapore which houses the largest collection and exhibition of South East Asian art. Look back in time through the vivid paintings as a representation of the past lifestyle in Singapore and its neighboring countries.

Chinatown Heritage Centre. In the heart of Singapore is Chinatown, a place where authentic Singapore life is seen. Discover Chinatown with your elderly by joining a guided tour of the Chinatown Heritage Centre. The exhibit showcases the lifestyle of early Chinese migrants in their 1950s shophouses and how it evolved to what we are today.

Yum-Cha at Chinatown. After a throwback to 1950s Singapore Chinese culture, treat your grandparents to the best dimsum in Chinatown, Yum Cha where you are surely to experience buffet bliss.

Baba House. Local culture is best explored through architecture and food. So for grandparents who wish to know more about Singapore local culture, a trip to the Baba House colorful shophouse is a must as it provides a different view of the life of ancestral Singapore.