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Singapore City Tour: History, Architecture and Adventures


Shy away from usual tour of attractions and spice things up on your Singapore visit. This tour is for the history buff, architecture lovers and the adventurous as you embark on a one-of-a-kind journey that will take you to the humble beginnings of Singapore.

Located in the Civic District, the Parliament House is Singapore’s legislature. Every wall of the Parliament is rich in history and back story, from Singapore’s birth as a nation to its steady growth in the past years. The oldest building in the country has a neo-classical colonial design which is nestled within green rich trees. Various educational activities are also conducted here: guided tour, live debate and role play. For the full experience, visitors can even book to see an ongoing proceeding.

Another important backdrop in the nation’s success is the Supreme Court where civil and criminal matters are heard. Located opposite the Parliament House, a quick tour of the Supreme Court building will not only give you an idea of Singapore’s judicial system but also give you an awe of both the Old and New Supreme Court buildings. Drop by and see Singapore’s legal history at the Supreme Court Gallery or take a look at Singapore’s Civic District through the Viewing Gallery. Or head over to the interactive Learning Court. Visitors must observe proper attire when visiting the building.

A building that witnessed Singapore’s milestones from the Japanese occupation to the playing of the National Anthem for the first time, City Hall, combined with the Old Supreme Court is now transformed into the National Gallery and showcases rich Southeast Asian artworks from 19th century to present day. Head over to the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall for a more comprehensive taste of Singapore’s art scene. Used as a hospital during World War II, it has undergone renovations and now houses world-class performances.

After a historic tour of the Civic District, visit the iconic Merlion Park. Located at One Fullerton, the Merlion is a half lion, half fish mythical creature that is believed to be the reason for Singapore’s unending prosperity. Take a selfie with the iconic Merlion or capture its beauty at night while you cruise along Singapore river complete with a backdrop of the nation’s skyscrapers. The 3.2-kilometer river is one of the main attractions in the city. Just south of the Singapore River is the statue of Sir Stamford Raffles, founding father of Modern Singapore. This is worth a visit as the place where the statue is built was where he landed in 1819.