Why You Simply Must Book a Singapore Private Tour Guide


Imagine a holiday where you get to go to the places you want without deviating with the tour group. One where you will be with your friends and family and not strangers. As much as you love to meet new people, it is also a relaxing holiday to spend time with the people you love. Above all that, you can have a say on the itinerary. Now there’s no need to imagine  because with a click of the booking button, you can have a Singapore Private Tour Guide.

For the past couple of years, private tour guides became increasingly popular with tourists and for a good reason. A private tour guide allows you to have a full Singapore holiday experience without the stress of planning the entire trip. Here are a few more reasons why private tours are the best:

  1. Forming your own group up to 10 people. Top-notch reason to hire a private tour guide is the choice of organizing your own group. This gives a vibe of exclusivity to your tour group and ensures that since you know all people included in the group, you are comfortable with each other. This is also helpful for families and group of friends.
  1. Unique and CUSTOMIZABLE tour. If you are planning to go to Singapore but prefers to have a mix of places to visit, then this is for you. With a list of attractions to choose from, from popular landmarks to hidden gems, you will not be stuck visiting a museum when all you want to do is go to the beach, simply because it is included in a trip you already paid for. Feel free to customize your trip and add on places you truly want to go to make the most bang for your buck.
  1. Accommodate your interest and schedule. Since you can DO IT YOURSELF, you can also create the trip to accommodate your schedule and not the other way around. Want to visit the famous Merlion Park then head straight to Clarke Quay afterwards? Sure. This trip is yours to decide.
  1. Unique local travel experience. A private tour guide also ensures that you and your friends have a truly unique and unforgettable experience. While you can tailor the trip to meet your travel needs, your private tour guide is there to ensure you maximise your travel with tips and tricks and knowledge on local history and daily Singapore life.
    Professional tour guide, local knowledge. Now that you have an itinerary that suits your preference,  avoid being clueless in the city and getting lost with a professional tour guide in tow which doubles as a camera person when your selfie stick simple won’t cut it.