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Singapore Rides Attractions

One of the best things about travelling in Singapore is the many different activities that adventurous people would surely live to try out. Below is a list of rides in Singapore that would surely leave you wanting more:

Battlestar Galactica (Universal Studios) – Perhaps one of the most popular rides in Universal Studios Singapore, the Battlestar Galactica will turn your intestines inside out, in a good way. Perfect for thrill seekers, this high-speed rollercoaster is considered the highest duelling roller-coaster in the world. Consisting of two seemingly intertwined coasters, both will give you the human vs. cyclone experience to satiate the sci-fi fanatic in you.

Revenge of the Mummy (Universal Studios). An experience like no other, a ride on the Revenge of the Mummy will bring you the adrenaline rush you very much seek. Complete with a storyline from the movie namesake, The Mummy ride is paved with beetles, fireballs and twists and turns all while submerged in darkness.

The Transformers Ride (Universal Studios). Gather courage and feel like a true Freedom Fighter with the Transformers Ride. A complete 3D ride, it offers a simulation wherein riders will be taken inside a motion-mounted vehicle and fight their way into safety.

Enchanted Airways (Universal Studios) in Far Far Away Land lies another set of roller-coaster for the younger crowd. The set is riddled with different fairy-tale creatures such as the Three Little Pigs, the Big Bad Wolf and more.

Canopy Flyer (Universal Studios) for explorers of the Lost World, the Canopy Flyer is a must-do. The ride offers a bird’s eye view of the park and can accommodate up to four people so you can bring friends and family along.

Skyline Luge Sentosa. Just outside Universal Studios is this ride at Imbiah Lookout. Here, you can choose your adventure with the Dragon Trail and the Jungle Trail. A ride similar to a ski lift takes you to the starting point wherein riders get to drive themselves in a downhill.

MegaZip. A mega adventure awaits at the MegaZip in Sentosa. With different activities such as the 450-meter Megazip and three-tiered obstacle course named MegaClimb, the death-defying MegaJump and 15-meter high MegaWall, you and your friends are sure to have an amazing, adrenaline-filled time.

AJ Hackett. Inside Sentosa is another place perfect for group bonding. AJ Hackett boasts of Bungee Jumping, Vertical Skywalk, Skybridge and Giant Swings.

G-MAX GX-5. For those who wish to have an out-of-body experience, head over to Clarke Quay for G-Max, or reverse Bungee and hit as high as 60 meters or Gx-5 Extreme Swing. Just make sure not to do it on a full stomach if you don’t want to¬†uncomfortable stomach.