Singapore travel guide


With an average of 15 million tourists coming in the island every year, Singapore’s tourism industry is as its finest. It’s no wonder why tourists flock to the city-state – the island is one of the most disciplined country in Asia despite it’s size.In preparation for your trip to Singapore, make sure you read the following tips for a hassle-free visit.

Getting around
Singapore public transportation is one of the best in Asia. With Metro Rail Transit (MRT) operating from 5:30am until about midnight daily and most stations directly connected to shopping malls, it is one of the most convenient ways to go around the state. MRT spans five lines with different routes with stations in key destinations such as Changi airport, Orchard, Chinatown, Botanic Gardens and more. If train is not your type of transport, there are buses that go around the area, their routes are easy to decipher with a board of route and direction in each bus stop. You can also download a mobile app such as or SMRT buses to guide you along the way. Singapore follows a tap system that can be used for bus and mrt. Cards can be bought at selected stations and tourists get to choose between a regular one or unlimited for a few days. Cabs are accessible through taxi stops or you can always opt for Uber or Grab.

What not to do
Singapore is a fine city and that is because people follow the law. Spitting, littering, smoking in non-smoking area, not flushing the toilet after use and eating gum are some of the things that are not allowed in the city-state.

Spoken languages
Although the majority of Singaporeans are Chinese, the city-state is a hodgepodge of culture. While Mandarin is the most used language, English is taught to students in school giving way to a unique language called Singlish. It is a mixture of Chinese and Malay words integrated in the English language.

Suitable clothing in Singapore
Being a progressive, warm and fashionable country, tourists are free to wear whatever they want in most parts of Singapore. Conservative clothing choices, however, must be observed when visiting religious places.

Other things to remember is to tip properly at restaurants. The usual 10% of the bill (more if you are feeling generous) is the norm especially when the server gives utmost customer service. Singapore dollars is the accepted currency although Brunei dollar is also accepted. It is also advisable to bring a power plug adapter unless your gadgets use 220-240 volts.

When heading out, list down useful numbers such as that of the hotel you’re staying at, Cab Company, emergency hotlines and the national emergency hotline 999. Also, bring a water bottle to combat the heat. Don’t fret if you forget as most attractions offer a water fountain and tap water is safe for drinking.

Tax Refund
Lastly, when shopping, make sure you ask for a tax refund from the shop for purchases above $100. Then using the receipt, tax refund form and passport, you can get GST refund at the airport.