Singapore Tour Guide: How To Look for One that is Worth Your Money


For some, travel planning is part of the fun in a vacation. But while it is enjoyable for some, it can be stressful for others. That’s when a tour guiding service comes in and helps people maximise their travels through an organized itinerary. Whether you are going to Singapore for its many wonderful attractions or soak in its history, here is a list of things you should look for in a tour guiding service.

Legit. A tour guiding service must be licensed and have all documents to legally operate. This is important for the safety of your family. When a tour guide service is legal, you will have someone to hold liable when the unexpected happens.

Good Credentials. Do a quick background check on a company’s credentials? Awards and endorsement from travel organizations, local government, travel bloggers and feedback from travel forums are useful in deciding which service to get. Look for travel service that are known for being professional and you are sure to be well taken care of during your holiday.

Humour. An engaging tour guide with a sense of humour makes any trip memorable. Waiting in queue at hotel check-ins, for instance, will be less stressful when you are entertained by the tour guide’s funny stories!

Knowledgeable. A tour guiding service must have ample local knowledge of the place you want to visit. That’s their main job! Look for feedback on travel websites such as “they showed us this hidden gem in the area” or “x tour guide is well-versed in Singapore´s history”. These show that the travel company will provide you with necessary details about the country. If you are coming from a non-English speaking language, you can find one that offers different guiding languages to make your travel more stress-free.

Diverse holiday offers. People travel for different reasons: to relax, to soak in the culture of the country, to connect with nature and more. A good travel and tours service must have a variety of activities for holiday goers´ different needs and budget.