A Tour of One’s Own: Packaged Tours in Singapore with Personal Tour Guide Singapore


Being a hotpot of culture, Singapore is one of the best tourist destination in Asia. Though relatively smaller than its neighbours, the architectural design of Singapore’s buildings and houses allowed for vast areas to host leisurely activities. These tourist destinations attracted lots of people from all over the world resulting in better tour packages for visitors.

A new offering for visitors is a packaged tour with personal tour guide. These tours are uniquely packaged for the various needs of different types of holiday-goers.  If you are a history buff, there are historical tours of Singapore’s 50 years of presence, tours of the best restaurants and hawker centres for the foodie, tours for the nature lover and for the beach-lover.

The best part about such unique offering is that it is thought out with the visitors in mind. No more bland, common tour package simply because that is what’s available. Now, visitors have better options. A personal tour guide will also make the most of your visit as they adds value to your trip with local history knowledge and fun trivia. A personal tour guide also ensures a smooth day to day travel and minimises minor inconveniences such as getting lost during the day, and avoids food centres with expensive options.

The different kinds of unique tour includes the Heritage tour, Heartland tour, Island hopping (Pulau Ubin), Shopping Trail.

Heritage tour. Get an insight into Singapore’s future by taking a peek into its past. Even though Singapore is only fifty years old, it has undergone through a lot from the world war to the Japanese occupation to its rehabilitation and development afterwards. Experience the developmental journey of Singapore through the Heritage Tour.

Heartland tour. If you are more on experiencing Singapore’s daily life, then the Heartland tour is for you. Get a taste of the local life by seeing public housing HDB apartments, hawker centres for the most native Kopi and Laksa and public markets for the freshest produce.

Island hopping (Pulau Ubin). If island-hopping is more your speed, don’t think Singapore cannot accommodate you. Even though it is a small nation compared to its neighbours Malaysia and Thailand, Singapore has some of the best islands available. You can book a tour of Pulau Ubin, an island off the eastern Singapore. It is a place that seemed out of date as compared to the very advanced Marina Bay. This trip is also perfect for connecting with Mother Nature.

Lastly, for a more unforgettable travel experience, you can also book a personal tour of your own group. This service offers you exclusivity and travelling at your own pace with the professional tour guide.